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STORY {the conference for creative Christians}

January 15, 2011

“WOW!” was my first impression as I interacted with the stunning website created by Pixel Peach Studios. After 5 minutes of exploring and letting my mind wonder and dream of what it might be like to be there and work with people like the ones listed above my spirit had a check in it. Like a soft nudge against it. It made me wonder… What do their prayer lives look like, though? Are their secret places with the Lord just a beautiful? I am not saying that these people walk a dry path, but I think we have all seen nice churches with cutting edge design, lighting, and engaging sermons and still the congregation was uninterested in walking in righteousness or pursuing God in secret. Who can know though? If they spend time in secret or not? It would be a secret if they did.Maybe that is why places like IHOP(.org) are growing so rapidly. There is a level of anointing that rests over their musicians, because they have done what few are willing to do. To spend time alone with God is the key ingredient to creating something that has real and lasting impact.

If I get the opportunity to go to Chicago and experience this conference I will. It makes my heart glad to see creativity used for the gospel.
Dear God,
What does being creative mean to you? It is not a spiritual gift that I have read from your Word, but it is the first action you describe yourself doing yourself doing in Genesis 1:1.

Note: A few days after writing this post I was confronted (rightly so) for publishing a negative blog posts about brothers and sister in Christ. I try hard not to speak anything in a negative light about anybody and I promise to keep it that way from now on.

People of STORY,

I publicly apologize for questioning your faith and time with the Lord. I was completely in the wrong and I hope to meet you all some day soon. You are truly creative, passionate, and intriguing people.


January 13, 2011

January 21, 2011