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Minneapolis, MN

Lover of God, husband, father to THE princess and a cowboy, designer, code slinger, and mobilization director at Bethany Global University where I work to mobilize missionaries to take the church to where it is not.

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Moving To IHOPKC

August 10, 2012

Next Tuesday morning we are waking up super early to begin our journey to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC). If we are lucky Selah will sleep through the majority of the 9 hour trip and wake up 523 miles away from home without even noticing. Could she even tell the difference at 2 months old?

I won’t start working at IHOPKC ¬†until the 20th giving us some time to transition and for me to finish some much needed freelance work for a new friend.

By now some of you are starting to receive the newsletter and magnet about our new adventure of prayer and marketing. Hopefully the newsletter design was familiar and refreshing at the same time. I know newsletters can be painful to read some times.

To all of our friends and family in East Texas:

We will miss you! Thank you for all of your help, laughter, prayer, hugs, advice,¬†cooking, support, game nights, fellowship, baby gifts, confrontations (P 28:33), and love. This community has been a blessing to Amy, Selah, and I. It has been a safe place for our marriage to grow deeper as well as our love for the Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Please be praying for a smooth transition and safe travel to IHOPKC. This is our first big move together as a family.