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Lover of God, husband, father to THE princess and a cowboy, designer, code slinger, and mobilization director at Bethany Global University where I work to mobilize missionaries to take the church to where it is not.

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Certified Madwire Marketing360 Consultant

March 22, 2015

Last summer, I gave up on freelancing. Digital marketing is great work, but it can be all-consuming. With all the fancy tools, automation, and time-saving devices, you would think it would be easy to manage a few people’s websites and campaigns.

It’s not.

Websites are in constant need of updating and online marketing campaigns need constant attention to stay in the green. There is a constant fear that something will break and every once in a while, they do. It’s why I moved my personal site to wordpress.com rather than hosting it myself.

I kissed freelance digital marketing and web design goodbye …

… until now.

Move to Consulting

Today, I’m happy to announce my partnership with Madwire Media.

For years I have watched them improve in their systems and processes to deliver the best digital marketing for an affordable price. Through their Marketing360 program, you get access to some killer tools (proprietary website tools, networks, analytics dashboards, etc) and access to a dedicated marketing expert to help you run them.

I’ll be honest. As a freelancer, I can’t compete with Madwire. They will out deliver me every time. Projects I would charge $5,000 for, they can do better for a fraction of the cost. Their systems and strategies are that good. So good, that I have joined their team as a Marketing360 Certified Consultant.

This way everybody wins! Madwire can do what they do best in the day-to-day management of the websites and campaigns, while I can help others refine their marketing strategies at a higher level as a consultant.

Here is a brief overview of how Marketing360 works:

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With Madwire’s Marketing360 platform I have the capacity again to help a wide range of people win new customers online. If you would like a demo or know anybody who does, let’s talk.

P.S. – In case you’re wondering, I still work full-time for Bethany International as their director of marketing. This is just on the side 😉