Dan Sanchez
Minneapolis, MN

Lover of God, husband, father to THE princess and a cowboy, designer, code slinger, and mobilization director at Bethany Global University where I work to mobilize missionaries to take the church to where it is not.


I have a confession…

January 24, 2017

Eight years ago I set out to start a blog and for eight I have procrastinated writing content for it. In that procrastination, I learned how to tweak the design settings, optimize the site for conversions, and how to get the site ranked in google. I learned how to run ad campaigns, set up advance automated email marketing sequences, and how to build WordPress themes from scratch. In my procrastination, I trained myself to be a full stack digital marketer and I’m really good at it. I am a full-time marketing director at Bethany Global University and I consult others on the side how to do what I’ve done.

The problem is I still haven’t begun what I originally set out to do. I have mastered tactics, channels, strategies, but I still have not created more than a few pieces of content.

All this time, I haven’t created content because of fear.


The killer of many a dream.

Putting out your ideas is terrifying. Whether it is through writing, speaking, works of art, or any creative expression.

I’ve been afraid. Afraid to be judged for a bad idea or a typo in a blog post. But now it’s time to overcome that fear and at least try and expect that failure is the path forward.

Now, I know it seems odd that I would get all worked up about this. I have made a great career out of my procrastination and make a difference doing it.
Here are three reasons why it matters me and I would ask you if these things matter to you too.

  1. Personal Growth
  2. Helping Others
  3. Developing a reputation: “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours”.

It’s even more critical now for me to actually produce content than ever before. After studying digital marketing intensely for the last 8 years, I’ve found that people would rather connect with people online rather than companies or organizations. And while I won’t trash BGU’s corporate social accounts, we will be launching a blogging platform to enable the world to connect with the people that are Bethany Global University and Bethany International.

So, I am stepping out today. I’m coming out from behind the curtain to talk to you about the work I do at Bethany Global University, missions, marketing, design, with a few personal updates as well.

We are also planning on rolling out the BGU Blog Network for all of our students and staff, so I figured now was the time to lead the way rather than suggest the way.