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I’ve Been Diagnosed with Unrealistic Optimism … #Awesome

May 23, 2017

I read a quote recently on the back wall of one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube videos that read

“I’m always a glass half full, even if I have a drop”

I found myself nodding in agreement. I love it. Christians should love it because we know that even if we have nothing (not even a drop), we have everything in Christ.

I love optimism. It’s just way more fun to live life as an optimistic person. If you can’t relate, I’m sorry, though I truly believe that you could be optimistic too with some hard work, prayer, and help from those around you.

I am an optimistic person. In fact, a few months ago I was diagnosed by a counselor for being unrealistically optimistic. I just about laughed out loud when he told me.

It happened when my wife and I went to see a counselor for a Prepare and Enrich marriage assessment to see how we could continue to strengthen our marriage. We filled out some quizzes and the results looked good, but then he dropped the bomb…

“Dan, take this with a grain of salt, but the test indicates you have a very high idealistic distortion.”

My first thoughts: That…. is… Awesome!

I seriously gave myself a mental high five.

To be fair, I can see why Prepare and Enrich has to put this stat in there. Here is what they say about Idealist Distortion themselves:

“Idealistic Distortion assesses the tendency of individuals to answer personal questions in a socially desirable manner … Higher scores (70 and above) indicate individuals are presenting their relationship in a highly favorable manner (e.g., seeing through “rose-colored” glasses). This may suggest an unwillingness to acknowledge problematic areas in the relationship and/or a defensive attitude in completing the Inventory. Low scores (30 and below) indicate a more realistic disclosure concerning relationship issues.”

Low distortion scores are around 30 and I was a 70.

The funny thing was that both Amy and I scored high on Idealistic Distortion. So, either we are both deceived, or EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.

I thought this was a unique situation until a friend of mine heard the same thing from a psychoanalysis she was required to get before she could serve as a missionary overseas. She was diagnosed as “overly optimistic” and that her test results were questionable because of overly optimistic outlook on life.


I only pray that I become more optimistic. Jesus, help me to overflow with JOY abundantly and to see how you can work everything for good. Help me not dwell on evil, but think about what you have declared to be good. Help me see the impossible as possible.